our products & services

Part of our Product offering is a large variety of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) expertly tailored. We pride ourselves on the ability to deal with Markets, Supermarkets, Perishables, Non-Perisables, as well as more sophisticated or technical products.

Yellow Maize Import and Exporters from South Africa

Yellow Corn Maize

Our mill is located in a key maize producing region of South Africa. As a result, we can effectively source top quality South African maize which can be produce as per client specifications and size.

Tomato Paste Import and Exporters from South Africa

Tomato Paste

Our integrated farming and processing business approach allow us to produce the best quality tomato paste at a competitive price.

Sunflower Cooking Oil

Our premium pure sunflower seed oil is perfect for cooking, baking, frying, sauces and salads, it is naturally cholesterol free and is fortified with Vitamins A & D.

Fruit Juice Import and Exporters from South Africa

Fruit Juice

Unlike other sugar-sweetened beverages, we offer 100% fruit juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


A broad range of light fittings, comprising ceiling and wall lights, chandeliers, pendants, spotlights and down lights, table and floor light bulbs.

Reinforced Steel Import and Exporters from South Africa


Rafiou has a long and established reputation in the reinforcing steel industry. All reinforcing steel confirms to SANS 920 (Steel bars for concrete reinforcement).

Sisal Fiber Import and Exporters from South Africa

Sisal Fiber

We are a leading exporter of Sisal Fiber. We have the capacity to package and ship to you once we reach to an agreement. Our team is always round the clock working to make sure our clients’ needs and inquiries are worked on and processed on time.

Ceramic Tiles Import and Exporters from South Africa

Ceramic Tiles

The Tiles we offer has been trusted by individuals, contractors, architects, designers and distributors for decades. The production facilities in Johannesburg, manufacture tiles of the highest quality, adhering to the strictest ISO and SANS standards of quality.

White Cement

White Portland Cement (CEM I 52.5 R) is of high quality, whiteness and strength, it essentially has the same properties and characteristics as grey cement, except for colour.

Tile Adhesive Cement Import and Exporters from South Africa

Tile Adhesive Cement

We offer a wide range of tiling adhesives to meet every tiling installation requirement. Another benefit is that they are formulated and designed to ensure a strong and flexible installation. Our tiling adhesives are suitable for fixing all types of tiles, including ceramic; porcelain; natural stone; clay and mosaic tiles, to walls and floors in interior, exterior and wet areas.