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Grit fractions (1.2–0.6 mm)

Grit fractions are used for many foods domestically and commercially.

Examples are hominy grits, imitation rice and corn flakes. Brewer’s grits are used in beer production.

Maize meal (0.6–0.2 mm)

Maize meal is used for meal mixes, maize bread, maize muffins and some extruded maize snack products.

Our mill is located in a key maize producing region of South Africa. As a result, we can effectively source top quality South African maize which can be produce as per client specifications and size.

Maize flour (< 0.2 mm)

Maize flour is particularly valuable as an ingredient of pancake mixes, baby foods, cookies, biscuits, ice cream cones, ready-to-eat cereals, batter breading mixes, and binders for loaf-type sandwich meats.

Animal Feeds

Besides utilising maize as the primary product, the animal feed industry is also the largest consumer of by-products originating from the further processing of maize.

Maize (yellow and white) is the primary feedstock ingredient (energy source) utilised in animal feeds all around the world and can be interchanged, depending on the maize prices.

Soya Oil Cake

It is important to ensure that your animal fodder is not just well balanced but is also packed full of nutritional value to help with the overall growth of livestock. Soya oil cake is one of the essential plant-based protein sources for fodders. It is a vital, raw material necessary for the production of combined fodders and as a result of the production process provide a significant amount of protein and energy.

We never compromise on the quality of our products and we continue to bring affordable soya-based foods to our customers.

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