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Export Management

Our experience and full export solutions will take care of your requirement, from the labelling and dating of products, to the preparation of documentation and arranging freight. We work closely with each client to implement brand growth, offering complete transparency.


Export facilities are located in Durban close to the port. Our food-grade storage facilities are safe and secure to ensure timeous and efficient service delivery.

 Through our partnerships, we ensure the following:


We are partnered with the best shipping companies to provide customers with timely and accurate delivery, such as Maersk, MSC, and others which have enabled us to support our customers with freight and port requirements.

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With our extensive international network, we help you associate with businesses which can provide the right product at the right time.

We handle all communication with your international partners and the shipping procedures done for you, relieving you from the stress.

At Rafiou we implement your local and dedicated sales presence overseas, and you can monitor and manage it all from the comfort of your current office by simply getting in touch with your assigned sales agent. When you have your sales presence implemented by us, you do not need to worry about bureaucratic issues, language miscommunications, or expensive physical logistic concerns.

As the best export management consultants, we offer additional support to our clients for guiding them about various marketing techniques such as trade shows and exhibitions.

We are partnered with the best shipping companies that provide customers timely and accurate delivery.

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