As a dedicated company with experienced personnel in the field of sourcing, exporting, shipping, trading and product management, we have grown to be a leader in trading and export.

Our attention to detail has allowed us to thrive in the global market, by focusing heavily on the necessities of each client. This includes understanding the needs of the manufacturer, as well as the legal requirements and regulations of each country we export to.

The export of food, drink and construction material is a complex process and requires extensive knowledge of the industry. Our experience and full export solutions will take care of this for you, from the labelling and dating of products, to the preparation of documentation and arranging freight. We work closely with each manufacturer to implement brand growth, offering complete transparency, so you are aware of which parts of the world your product is being sold.


We are resolute in our pursuit of Excellence in every endeavour by being agile, championing change, and carry an unwavering commitment to creating a long enduring and positive impact within our industries and societies.

Network Base across Africa

We believe in the potential development of Africa and through our years of experience in the field, we have created a loyal market base with direct and indirect presence in the following regions: West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa.

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Rafiou Investment Countries we import and export from.

South Africa








Sierra Leone


Ivory Coast



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