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Rafiou Invest is one of South Africa’s leading producer and exporter of Yellow Maize products. Since 2012, our valued experience has led us to expand in most African countries. We help manage and promote our leading brands across different markets by offering our customers competitive pricing and a complete export service.

Our mill is located in a key maize producing region of South Africa. As a result, we can effectively source top quality South African maize which can be produce as per client specifications and size. All raw materials processed are harvested, dried and stored in a timely manner.

Our Product Range

Grit fractions
(1.2–0.6 mm)

Grit fractions are used for many foods domestically and commercially. Examples are hominy grits, imitation rice and corn flakes. Brewer’s grits are used in beer production.

Maize meal
(0.6–0.2 mm)

Maize meal is used for meal mixes, maize bread, maize muffins and some extruded maize snack products. Our mill is located in a key maize producing region of South Africa. As a result, we can effectively source top quality South African maize which can be produce as per client specifications and size.

Maize flour
(< 0.2 mm)

Maize flour is particularly valuable as an ingredient of pancake mixes, baby foods, cookies, biscuits, ice cream cones, ready-to-eat cereals, batter breading mixes, and binders for loaf-type sandwich meats.

Animal Feeds

Besides utilising maize as the primary product, the animal feed industry is also the largest consumer of by-products originating from the further processing of maize. Maize (yellow and white) is the primary feedstock ingredient (energy source) utilised in animal feeds all around the world and can be interchanged, depending on the maize prices.

Soya Oil Cake

Being well-known soya oil cake suppliers, we ensure that each batch of soya oil cake is of great quality and does not contain impurities – in order to guarantee its usability for fodder. Not only is it a very digestible source of protein, soya oil cake comes from plant origins which makes it an exceptionally sustainable source of feed and an even better addition to fodder.

Looking for efficient export Management services

We can help! Speak to a member of our team today and we will advise you on our worldwide distribution and logistics services.

Why Choose to Work with Us!

Years of experience in the trading field have allowed us to maintain our position as a leading trader and exporter in Africa and overseas. As a dedicated company with experienced personnel in the field of sourcing, production, shipping, and product management, we have grown to be a leader in trading and export.

We are unique in our ability to provide leading business and industry, integrated and tested solutions backed by high quality and professional service. We work with companies that are specialized and rich in the raw material used for our products. The brands are developed as per customers’ needs from the production cycle until the final consumption stage to ensure its ongoing success throughout its lifecycle.

Since 2012, we have been providing customer with specific solutions. We pride ourselves on our expertise of brand development and management. We have the experience in providing an end to end solution from product branding, labelling, manufacturing, packaging, shipping as well as positioning without compromising on advertising, marketing and direct distribution.

We have strong relationships with major players in key markets. This allows us to minimize competition by creating brand loyalty and stay permanently creative and innovative. Our hands on management style guarantees our customers peace of mind.


You can download our brochures for more information about us and about our services.



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